Closed Sessions signee Kipp Stone is back with a brand new single called "God Up" produced by Blokhead Johnny. The track sees the Cleveland native flexing his lyrical muscle over a hard-knocking instrumental.

"Boys got me feeling caged in/Angels singing while the flames dance/Hi-C, niggas can't stand me/Green with envy, no Saint Patty/More brothers, they replace family/We the masterminds and they was brain cancer," Stone raps.

Kipp Stone spoke to XXL late last year and described an interesting aspiration he had for his career. The Ohio rapper hoped to be a "cult classic" instead of the next megastar.

"I want to be the next big cult classic," Stone said. "When you think of a cult classic they don’t really gain a lot of commercial success or nothing like that. But everybody knows this is it, this is the guy. When you’re watching certain movies like Pulp Fiction… It’s not like a huge movie but when you mention a favorite movie you’re going to mention it. Also, I want to prove that you don’t have to be a snake to get success. I have a lot further to go but I got to where I’m at now by staying true to the people around me and staying true to what I believe. I think that’s huge."

Kipp Stone is not looking for the fortune and fame. The "Put U On" MC wants to be well regarded by his fans and peers.

"[I want] to be one of the most respected hip-hop artists. Not even just on my skill alone but respect as a person," he said. "My respect for people and people's respect for me is huge for me. Like a huge fanbase and people respect what I have to say."

If Kipp Stone continues dropping records like "God Up," he will be able to accomplish that goal. And with the Closed Sessions team behind him, he is in good hands.

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