MED's Bang Ya Head imprint is set to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a new project called Bang Ya Head 4. The California rhymer's latest compilation album is set to arrive this Friday (April 8), so MED offers up "Caddy Music" as a preview of what to expect.

The new single includes guest appearances by Blu and Elzhi with production handled by Bombay. Just looking at the lineup here, it's obvious that some dope rhymes are delivered on "Caddy Music." But what's notable about this one is that Bombay crafts a specific beat for each MC.

Each beat has a soulful sample to it, but remains distinct. The song blends them together as each rapper gets a chance to shine. Blu kicks things off before handing things over to MED. The song concludes with a verse from Elzhi, who brings a measured approach to the cut.

"My cousin abused drugs, grandma blew trues/Was too young to know greens could take away your blues/Or the crack or the liquor or the lac or the figure/Of being stacked, n---as black from the back of the trigger/They might point it at yourself when living on 12th/Dreaming of quick rich scheming, his demons move stealth," Elzhi raps.

Bang Ya Head 4 will include additional appearances by Guilty Simpson, Kokane, Jimetta Rose and Mibbs of Pac Div. Production is handled by the likes of Madlib, Oh No and Dibia$e. You can pre-order the project now on Bandcamp or through the official Bang Ya Head website.

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