Norman Perry, a budding 23-year-old up rapper born in New Haven, Conn., is starting to making a name for himself. Perry, who currently lives in the Boston area, recently dropped his latest record titled "Points." The new song is only his fourth track. His last three, "Reach," "Alive" and most recently, "Elvira," each have over 30 thousand plays and counting.

"Points" is a smooth slow-burner that finds Perry crooning about woman he has his eye on. It's soulful and boast excellent productions that adds to Norman's slick lyrics. "Run it back, shorty stay lovin’ the crew loving that/Shawty aint fuckin’ with you remember that/Shawty know just what to do and bring it back/Cause she know I got it," he sings.

There isn't a ton or artists that comes from New Haven, but according to the young star, the city is a places that is brimming with talent. "New Haven's music scene is currently outdated, but there's so much talent ready to blow," explains Perry to Noisey. "I had to come to Boston because it was a breath of fresh air and it's up next. I thought it was the best way for me to find a following that supports my music style, but I can still rep for New Haven so I can put them on eventually."

Take a listen to "Points" above and keep your eye out on this new talent.

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