It's been a long time coming for Elzhi, the Detroit rapper who started out next to Dilla in Slum Village. His last album Elmatic, a tribute to Nas' classic debut LP, dropped five years ago, and ever since he's been under a dark cloud of depression that he's just now emerging from. And thank the lord for that; his new "Introverted" proves how much hip-hop needs a wordsmith like Elzhi. Hear our exclusive premiere of the song up top.

The song, produced by Bombay, is track two off Lead Poison, Elzhi's new album that drops tomorrow (March 25) on Apple Music. Electric guitar crawls all over the beat as drums plod like thoughts hitting brain walls.

"My life's a cinema, I'm just now exposing reels/But why would they want me to blow? They know an explosion kills/What's behind enemy lines, they get plenty rewinds/There finna be times, infinite infinity signs," he spits on the first verse.

Later on, he lets fans know what his writing process looks like: "Dear fans, I wrote this around empty beer cans/In a mix, getting twisted like engineer hands." His knack for vivid imagery and multi-syllabic rhyme patterns is as strong as ever.

Hip-hop is sorely lacking in MCs like Elzhi right now. Listening to Lead Poison, it's obvious that he's been using his time away from the game to sharpen his pen skills. Concepts are fully fleshed out and metaphors color his rhymes while humor gives the project some levity.

We recently spoke to Elzhi about the circumstances surround the making of the album, what he's been doing the past five years, the tons of unreleased music he's sitting on, and much more. Check back on XXL tomorrow (March 25) to read the whole interview.

For now, spin "Introverted" above and check out the cover and tracklist for Lead Poison below. Make sure to pre-order the album on iTunes right here.

1. “Medicine Man” (produced by Nick Speed)
2. “Introverted” (produced by Bombay)
3. “Weedipedia” (produced by Bombay)
4. “February” (produced by 14KT)
5. “Egocentric” (produced by Quelle Chris)
6. “Two 16’s” (produced by Karriem Riggins)
7. “Hello!!!!!” (produced by Soledad Brother)
8. “FriendZone” (produced by Oh No)
9. “The Healing Process” (produced by Joself)
10. “Cloud” (produced by Bombay)
11. “Alienated” f/ Smitty (produced by Joself)
12. “She Sucks” f/ Chris Dave & The Drumhedz (produced by Agor)
13. “CoSIGN” f/ Skonie (produced by 14KT)
14. “MisRight” (produced by Bombay)
15. “The Turning Point” f/ A Poem By Thabisile Griffin (produced by 14KT)
16. “Keep Dreaming” (produced by Bombay)

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