Taylor Bennett, who's Chance The Rapper's little brother, is one of the many alternative Chicago hip-hop voices who's been given more light in recent months. Bennett is also one of the more talented ones, too. He shines in the video for "New Chevy."

The similarity's between Bennett and Chance's styles are definitely there, from the raspy sing-song to the attention to melody. "New Chevy" feels a bit more accessible, even with heavy-hitting King L helping out.

The Thelonious Stokes-directed video features some subtle cues to Kanye West's "Flashing Lights," with a car being the central motif, an underwear clad-model being seen in the dark, and a rapper being wacked with a shovel. There's a bit more smiles here though.

More of Bennett can be found on Mainstream Music, which was released in May.