Trends change, but one thing hip-hop always has had is a love affair with money. It makes the world go 'round and it forms the core of the hook for "Profit," Rittz's new song. Yelawolf and Shawty Fatt, two fellow southern rhymers, join him on the new cut.

The trio can't be all about money, because the performances feel too rapid fire and effortful for some cash. Some of the punchlines are right on the money, however. "Southern hospitality, but I hospitalize you because I'm nice enough," goes one line. The ice cream truck-style keys help push the track along while increasing its accessibility.

Rittz's Next to Nothing album drops on Sept. 9. See how XXL rated Rittz's previous release The Life And Times of Jonny Valiant here. We also made room for him on our 20 of Hip-Hop's Fastest Rappers list.