It's not Chief Keef season quite yet with Bobby Shmurda filling in the street-cat-who-likes-to-dance role quite well. He's not the type to be deterred by another's success though. After being absent musically for the majority of the summer, Chief Keef comes back with "Tec" featuring his affiliate Tadoe.

"Love Sosa" or "Citgo" this is not, but it's one of Chief Keef's best efforts in a while. The production is the clear MVP of the track. DP Beats' dancing-on-the-clouds keys take the listeners on a ride while simultaneously giving Chief Keef enough room to float and transgress as he pleases before Tadoe bullies the beat with his aggression. "When I kill you imma frown," Tadoe yells. That's because it'd ruin the vibes.

There's no word on if "Tec" will appear on Bang 3, Chief Keef's next studio album.