Drama continues to unfold in the Dreamchasers camp, and it doesn't look like a simple conversation will be an immediate solution to the problem between Meek Mill and Louie V Gutta. Gutta has fired back at former(?) DC boss Meek Mill, in response to Meek dissing him over Drake's "0 to 100" two days ago, with a remix of his own. The in-fighting started on Twitter shortly after the Slowbucks, Summer Jam incident with Meek attempting to check Gutta on the social network after he tweeted about the incident. Gutta responded by calling Meek a "dickrider" which led to Meek's verbal assault. Now, its Gutta's turn. Here, he addresses Meek's robbery allegations, the Summer Jam incident and threatens to expose the MMG MC.

Peep the track, below.

[via HHDX]