Plies took to his Twitter today to drop a new banger, this one aimed entirely at Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Using artwork on the YouTube link depicting Sterling handing a basketball to his point guard Chris Paul, Plies eviscerates the owner—who has been fined $2.5 million and has been banned for life from the NBA for racist comments made to his girlfriend which emerged earlier this week—in a track that he titled "Donald Sterling: Racist Muthafucka."

The track, produced by Shawn T., includes lines like, "You said you feed us Donald Sterling? Bitch, we feedin' you too/You say you made us mothafucka, naw, we made you," "The NBA ain't shit, they tried to cover it up/But the Man upstairs said 'Enough is enough'" and the song's hook, "The only time you fuck with a nigga/(To make money off us)/The only time you fuck with a nigga/Behind closed doors it's a whole different picture."

Whew. Plies isn't the only rapper to go after Sterling, of course; a series of rappers from Lil Wayne to Snoop Dogg expressed their anger at the Clips' owner, while Cassidy has also responded on wax in his "Move That Dope" freestyle earlier today. Check the track above, and let us know what you think.