Erick Arc Elliott of Flatbush ZOMBiES released some unreleased tracks for fans today. He uploaded some unreleased joints that date back to 2012. One of the tracks features a collabe with Childish Gambino called "God Save the Villain" which comes in at the 11:27 mark. You can take a listen to that below.

You can also listen to the whole demo below.

01 Father of Influence f. Jori (co-prod Jolin Ras) 1:41
02 Day Brake 6:04
03 Blah 10:37
04 God Save the Villain f. Childish Gambino 11:27
05 Ma 14:54
06 Erick's Room 16:07
07 Swamp Fever (prod. The Remedy) 19:33
08 themakeupbreakup 22.29
09 Taxi Cab f. Kaya 27:50