Nitty Scott, MC sets the record straight in "Trophies" (Freestyle) and toots her own horn in the process.

The Brooklyn lyricist, who's slated to headline Hot 97's WHO'S NEXT at SOB's on Feb. 18, today gifts us with a ballsy rendition of Drake's axed NWTS track, addressing her would-be female competitors.

Knew at 22 that I was coming for you/ And every chicken that be spittin in your damn rap crew/ I got that voodoo of Badu to make organic taboo/ And I just got these labels looking while I up my value/ Don't pop mollys, don't rock Tom Ford/ Bitches got me bored and shit/ Hit my 23 I'm bout to kill em on some Jordan shit.

In mid December of last year, Nitty sat with XXL to discuss the lack of feminine energy in the hip-hop realm and hearkened back to her Tumblr post, which constructively criticizes the common engraved habit of grouping all female rappers together, simply because they are "female," despite what each one represents.

Nitty's "Trophies" (Freestyle) kicks of 2014 proper and precedes her debut album The Art of Chill. Spin it below.