Cassidy Featuring Every Philly Rapper Not Named Meek Mill “City Of Brotherly Slugs”


Cassidy puts on for his city by compiling over a dozen of Philadelphia’s rhyme sayers for one huge posse cut, “City Of Brotherly Slugs.” From vets to newjacks, Chic Raw, C. Grand, Rican Bull, Redd Dollaz, Young Chris, E. Ness, Black Deniro, Dark Lo, Charlie Baltimore, Gillie Da Kid, Spade-O, Cyssero, Scholito, Biggs and K.Dot all get busy on the track.

Check out “City Of Brotherly Slugs,” below.

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  • Thabeastwithin West
  • frnny2728

    I really like Black Deniro. I dislike Chic Raw’s voice and delivery. Reed Dollaz’ bars were dope.

  • frnny2728

    Maybe it is the redundant subject matter that holds these Philly underground artists back.

  • frnny2728

    Letting this track run for longer than four minutes was not a good idea. Way too many unknowns on this track for it to be so long. Half should have been on the original and the other half should have been on the remix.

  • Alexander1481

    Good idea, but maybe should of had some beat-switches 2 keep it poppin.

  • fuck outa here


  • frnny2728

    Dark Lo on a Cassidy track? I bet Cassidy didn’t get at Dark Lo for calling him a bitch in one of the OBH YouTube video’s. Dark Lo is a rapper now, so why Cassidy ain’t get at him in a rhyme? Other than that, I like this track.

  • Dougie

    didnt want meek to kill him on his own track.. HA!

    • mike

      meek mill sucks have u heard his shit diss compared to catch a body meek mill is trash