G-Eazy guides us through his teenager years in his new video for “Far Alone” directed by Daryn Deluco. The track produced by Jay Ant and co-produced by G-Eazy and Christoph Andersson is the lead single off his forthcoming album These Things Happen and is a look into G's inspirations from his hometown. G takes it back to 2006 in Oakland, telling us a story of his early recording days and maintaining a steady job to live out his dreams.

“This album serves as my proper introduction to the world, so the first story I have to tell is where I’m from on ‘Far Alone,’” he says. “I’ve been rapping and making beats since I was young so it was important for me to incorporate the influence of the Bay Area into what my sound has evolved into. This project marks the next chapter to me; a lot of reflection on everything that got me here, for better or for worse.”

Ant makes a cameo as well, adding to the feel of the song with his signature swag and show off his Bernie dance skills. “Far Alone” makes a case that the Bay is still alive and well in hip-hop. These Things Happen is slated for February 2014.