Eminem Featuring Buckshot “Don’t Front”

The good folks at Interscope just added some fuel to the anticipation of Eminem’s forthcoming album unveiling a snippet of the track “Don’t Front” which features Buckshot. The entire track comes as a bonus track on The Marshall Mathers LP 2 when you purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts.

[via FSD]

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  • Tyler Durden

    It’s sad how this track is better than the whole album !!!

    • jeffreylowy


    • Isometricide


    • steve-o

      Bad guy,wicked ways,rhyme or reason, rap god, legeacy,baby,beautiful pain are all dope tracks theres only 2 songs on the album worth skipping(the monster and asshole) besides eminem has already recived overwhelming praise from mucis critics

      • Tyler Durden

        Who gives a shit about critics, They gave Yeezus positive reviews and that album was a steaming pile of shit !!!

  • John Jay

    At least BDI Emcee gets his long overdue props…Thanks Em

    • Juan Bodre

      No disrespect, but buckshot been getting props No Thanks to Em

      • d

        not on a level like this.. not even close. You got 14 year old white girls that have now heard of the MC’ from Black Moon!!!

  • Isometricide

    So old school, replace The Monster, (popier) and Survival (more like Recovery) with this a few other bonus tracks and you’ve got a XXL album.

  • keon

    to say that this song is better than the whole album is a BIG exaggeration. yes this song sounds great so far and perhaps better than a few songs on the album, but there are a good number of tracks on the MMLP 2 that are on par, or above this song. and besides you guys have only listened to like a minute and a half of it, how come y’all are so quick to make that statement? the album is amazing i’d give it a XXL, but i guess if i wasn’t an eminem fan, i’d give it an XL

    • Tyler Durden

      It’s too commercial… The 1st MM will face fuck the shit outta this album !!!

    • 8Galaxy5

      People always say that about bonus songs.”This should have been on the album,blablabla”
      EM cant satisfy everybody,they all have their own opinions about which songs should be on it or not.
      The fact is that MMLP2 is a very good and solid album and a huge step up from Recovery.