Gucci Mane Dares Anyone To “Say Dat Then” On New Track

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It’s been about four hours since Gucci Mane’s last tweet. If you somehow didn’t notice Gucci was trending worldwide on Twitter earlier today, it was because he went at a bunch of rappers and industry folk through a series of unfiltered tweets. We’re still not sure what sparked Gucci’s long run of Twitter rants these past few days, but he capitalizes on his buzz by sharing a new song produced by C4. Word on the e-streets is that it was recorded back in March. Even if it’s a few months old, the track sounds pretty relevant enough, as Gucci throws a few taunts at his enemies. Stay locked in to see what happens next.

[via RR]

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  • vsop

    we fucking with Guci in Maryland expose fake niggas all day pulling niggas cards!

    • Leonared Jones

      yall niggas trash then because Gucci and waka are a bunch of ignorant ass niggas

      • vsop

        call me what u want dugg gucci put on 4 da streets n ima street nigga

        • James Tunechi White

          shut’cho dumbass up

          • vsop

            if u was n my presence u wouldnt disrespect me so y u doin it over the net?

          • antilame


          • vsop

            u a internet G to i c im on the box thats y im on the net so much

      • Spitticus

        Maryland got me, better than any rapper you listen to. An everyone in the world is ignorant, all you seein is what the media showin you bruh.

  • MarkVader┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐

    gucci is straight up garbage, waka is by far way better than him


    that beat…

  • derekpeezy

    gucci need a glass of water in that track

  • CKxWARx989

    theyre all faggots. fuck this nigger shit.

  • jay deLuca

    GUCCCCCCCCCI womens music is garbage aint no1 bumb that here in cali…like juicy j said what u sayin nigga