Uncle Murda “The Response” (Kendrick Lamar Response)

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Like several other New York rappers, Brooklyn’s Uncle Murda didn’t take too kindly to Kendrick Lamar’s boast of being the king of the Big Apple on his controversial verse on Big Sean’s new song, “Control.” Now it’s his turn to clap back. “Blame @DJBOBBYTRENDS for my #KendrickLamar response I promise you I rep the City/EastCoast how it’s suppose to get represented #RNS #GMG,” Murda typed before posting the track. The East New York rapper uses Jigga’s “Somewhereinamerica” beat to go in on K. Dot.

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  • JC

    Lmaaooooo he said how you gone claim something you not, ohh u wanna be tupac!”

    Big ups murda. seems like he the only nigga using common sense on these responses. Like he actually heard the fuckin verse and didnt just make a diss track. this is an actual response track. N i dont even fuck with murda

  • jaytsnow

    non of these weenies come to the bay! MAC DRE KING OF RAP!!

  • dashawn thompson

    This nigga and joe are the only nigga’s that brought it and im from the west!!

  • RealNiggaTalk

    1st of all…it took a west coast nigga to get these east coast niggas lyrical again. 2nd, some nobody ass nigga is gonna try to make a name off these responses. 3rd, half the niggas responding ain’t from NY (Cassidy, Joe Budden, Ransom). Finally, NY gonna turn on itself with niggas vying for a crown that don’t exist. BIG referred to himself as the black Frank White, a character played by Christopher Walken in King of New York. In memory of his homie, Jay-Z took the title and ran with it. His dominance solidified his claim. Since then, every New York MC to have a hot few bars or one or two hot songs feels they can say they’re the KONY. Maybe if niggas were lyrical from go, ppl would support your movement. the only ppl to benefit from this shit is going to be the DJ’s & record labels.