Listen To Eminem’s New Single “Berzerk”


After Sunday’s night big announcement that a new Eminem album will be arriving in November, Eminem debuted the first single, “Berzerk” off his upcoming eighth studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, on Shade45 tonight.

A snippet of the Rick Rubin-produced track was heard during a 30-second commercial for the new #NewBeatsStudio line from Beats By Dre during the VMA’s but we get to hear the full version of the track after the new song’s debut on Eminem’s Sirium XM radio station this evening.

Eminem’s The Marhall Mathers LP 2 will be released on November 5. “Berzerk” will be available at midnight on iTunes.

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  • Cody Draven Stamper

    Holy. Fuck. I’m. In. Love.

    I was 5 when I first started listening to him. I listened to my dads copy of The Eminem Show. I’m glad to say, 12 years later, I’m still one of his #1 fans. I know nearly every lyric to every song.

    • q

      Dear Stan…

  • klamarHead

    man, i dont think he got it anymore. not liking Em since he started screaming. Sounds like he’s reaching but better than most of the stuff he dropped after 05′

  • Untitled

    The beat ain’t bad, similar to an old LL track, but Em on it doesn’t seem to fit…

  • screamo mathers

    not into this…cant stand the rock music style beat and he doesnt cater to the beat whatsoever and i agree with the screaming stuff…not a fan.

  • Alan

    What I love about these comments is that it’s whack and Eminem doesn’t ‘have it” anymore. now that’s fine but what i don’t agree with is the reason behind it. Now we all know Em word play is still one of the best out now. The rock-like beat? Love it. True Hip Hop heads know where that beat came from! If you don’t like Eminem fine. Everyone doesn’t have to like him but calling him whack isn’t a fact! He’s “Wack” because he’s not talking about what you want to hear or his beats aren’t ‘niggerish.” (Is that even a word LOL) You’d be better off saying that you just can’t relate to Eminem rather than calling him Wack.

  • Roeski

    Back to the Young Em flow, I just want to hear a more real topic, other than your fresh kicks n clothes and hoes to party wit. I wanna feel the passion again. The goose bumps. Em, you’re just too happy now for that real dark flow I guess. I miss the fuck the world attitude whilst lyrically destroying every punk in the game. Hate on Miley and every scrub twerkin with her. “I’d rather sit next to carson daly and fred durst and listen to them argue over who she gave head to first” That kinda raw and silly shit, where the first tme you here it it’s like WOOO! Did he really just go there!??! where’s the shck value? Sorry, but this track boring. Surprise us (Your LifeTime Fans) !!!
    Now Kendrick is the only one sturring up the game.

    • Alan

      Good Point but keep in mind is formula has never changed. Drop a first single that appeals to Radio…then the rest of the album is what it is.

      • Samer

        exactly Alan. This is gonna be his one song on the album that is that one funny song that you will hear everywhere then I’m sure the rest of the CD will be amazing.

  • xsilentjihadx

    Kendrick lmar…blah blah blah…fuck kendrick lamar and his nasally ass voice…him and gucci must be cousins

  • gggggg

    im feelin it, yea reviews might not be all great but it will definetly grow especially on nu metal fans. its platinum.

  • J onda Trakk

    em know what he doing trust me