Ricky Hil “I’m God”


The Warner Bro. rapper gives us insight into the thoughts of his mind in this brief freestyle similarly titled to the Clams Casino beat ‘I’m God,’ which is featured in this track. It looks like the God-complex continues to be a frequent topic rappers these days are discussing. Mr. Hilfiger drops a quality drug-heavy record for your enjoyment, listen below.

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  • Johnny Appleseed

    This is a banger? Sounds terrible….

    • Victor Ware

      Exactly. If this were an acapella it wouldn’t have been posted. Dude can’t rap.

  • Manny Munoz

    If hes signed, any body can be signed. HOLY SHIT my ass makes doper shit than his, literally.

  • Magnus

    Holy shit this dude is fucking horrible! Sounds retarded, drunk, high, AND inbred all at the same time. What’s with wack rappers getting all the attention and real dope hip-hop going unrecognized…

  • wow

    Damn yall are sure some zombie walking around hating asses…..it is okay to be yourself ya know :D I bet you guys like the weeknd…ricky is like his favorite artist…so ummm yeah sorry I guess you gotta be a real artist to appreciate real talent…PS ricky is not exactly hip hop genre of music and this is just a random freestyle damn lol Ricky’s a real G tho yall need 2 fix ya ways….people from fat trel and GBE all the way to leona lewis / swizz beats /taylor gang/ etc. fuck with ricky and would never fuck with some zombie asses like youll are actin like….PEACE and <3