Angel Haze comes wholly uncensored as she puts her spin on Kanye West's unconventional cut "New Slaves". Leaving her heart on the track, the rapstress doesn't hold back when it comes to exposing many of society's ever present discrepancies.

"There is too much ugly in the world to be just blinded by it's pretty. That's why it's women being raped, judges diminishing a case", spits Angel over the raw beat. On the track, the Detroit rapper takes fans back to her mother's era all the while covering today's social issues. Not one to hold her tongue, Angel doesn't shy away when it comes to tackling the concerns rapping "they put the truth where you won't look. Let's put this shit up on this page. You know them niggas don't read no books. No them niggas don't read no books".

Check out the controversial cut below.