Logic Spits Something “Nasty”

2013 XXL Freshman and Def Jam signee Logic blesses his fans by attacking a boom-bap instrumental with thorn-studded bars on “Nasty.” (He’s “nasty” with his lines, get it?) As an homage to the art of rapping about rapping, the Visionary Music Group poster child takes his fans on a trip throughout New York City’s signature terrains to lash out his braggadocios manifesto. Check out the visual and track above.

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  • trodx

    nasty as fuck

  • jwads22

    I can’t wait for the rest of this year, he is blowing up so fast right after this cover!

  • mufc1

    Basic rhymes.Nothing impressive.

    • GOATmaybe

      Sure, but his flow sick though.

      • http://www.facebook.com/marc.lariviere.50 Marc Lariviere

        oh look another rapper who can rhyme bottles and models….such impressive skill….only a matter of time before hes on ymcmb with the rest of the trash minus busta rhymes

        • http://www.facebook.com/marc.lariviere.50 Marc Lariviere

          this dude is a joke just like wack miller…..go ahead and make your money…its out there for the taking…but your fooling yourself if you think this is hip-hop….action bronson and yelawolf crush this fag

          • jwads22

            Your the dumbest motherfucker I have ever heard of. Logic has the craziest metaphors, sick flow and it a crazy lryicist. Action Bronson is another one of my favorite artists but you are just hating right now. Fuck dumb ass cunt.

        • rhymeforever

          ikr dude… completely average. And all of his metaphors with philosophers are getting old. The kid thinks he’s on some Einstein shit.

  • Danny

    forget nasty this is disgusting lyricism, flow, and wordplay is better that anyone right now.
    i was waiting for a while for him to blow up like this for 3-4 years when he dropped young, broke, and infamous mixtape

  • Rattpack

    RattPack Boiiiiiiii

  • http://www.facebook.com/marc.lariviere.50 Marc Lariviere

    boooooooooo!!!!take your rented chains back and kill yourself…..go fingerbang wack millers bootyhole and wrap a belt around your neck….really models and bottles…..how about clay and hay or maybe hoes and bros….wait wait wait….sun and fun….your raps are as weak a wet paper bag….your as bad as a blind autistic kid playing pin the tail on the donkey with a fire alarm going off

    • GOATmaybe

      You know every-time you comment on this video is more time you spend COMMENTING ON THE VIDEO. Just freaking leave, no ones making you listen to this just go. Go listen to Action Bronson and Yelawolf, who are great MC’s in their own right.

      • jwads22

        So true. I love Logic, Action, and Yela but Logic can rhyme better then either of them.

  • achase1097

    How the fuck could you not vibe to this? Nasty.

  • Shabby

    You know when Logic made it when people start hating on him. Hahaha.