Juicy J Featuring Pimp C and T.I. “Show Out (Remix)”


Man, we have a major banger with this. Juicy J drops the remix to “Show Out” featuring Pimp C and T.I. The trio deliver a resounding track that is sure to get tons of spins. Juicy J knows how to make club hits, its like he can do it in his sleep.  I honestly can not wait for his upcoming  solo album Stray Trippy to come out later this year. You can listen to the song below.

  • koon

    where can i download this

    • mikeGsays

      Yup, need this shit NOW

  • Big Tone

    Yo this dude should not be under talor gang he should be a lil education on the game cuzz he’s 2 banging 4 the kids,but Respect 2 Juice he showed great RESPECT 2 OUR 4 GOT ABOUT STATE TOP OF THE MAP NORTH WEST ALASKA Last time he was here we were blasting FIREWORKS With my over seas boiz Fucked up in the parking lot,What a new years,Respect 2project pat and juicey j