Soulja Boy, “Handsome”


At this point, it’s kind of hard to hate on Soulja Boy. It might’ve made sense to say things like “he’ll be irrelevant next month” in ’07, but the dude’s still around, releasing singles and mixtapes more often than most people get a haircut. Anyway, he’s back with a new single, “Handsome,” from his upcoming album USA Dre. 

Listen below, but in the meantime here are a few lyrical gems from “Handsome”:

“No Chris Brown, but my diamonds dancing.”

“Ain’t DJ Khaled, but I’m the best.”

“And I shot my gun. And that shit was fun.”

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  • BeanTown Reppin

    wow XXL you are reaaaally slippin with this bs…just because he releases horrible music does not automatically make him relevent. The kid is already washed up and should have ended up being a never has been. Period.

  • ken fraz

    This is terrible. But I blame Lil B and Trinidad James

  • Wxuolk9

    shit goes soooo hard

  • LeadExamples

    Please stop saying that dude sucks because if he really did, millions of people wouldn’t be listening to him; and I know you might say that’s because they don’t know true music, but you fail to realize people have different taste.– Also I believe that he is a wonderful rapper because he is doing what he feels like doing, which is having fun with the music that he makes. So please stop being such haters. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.