Snoop Lion ft. Drake & Cori B, “No Guns Allowed”


The documentary about Snoop’s ascent into lion-hood, Reincarnated, is in theaters right now, as he continues to tease his reggae album of the same name. While the record is reportedly still in its final stages of production, and XXL insider Eric Diep has hear it and says, “it’s stuffed with plenty of booming horns, guitar licks, and mellow instrumentation.”

The record’s latest leak is “No Guns Allowed,” which employs a sample of Beirut’s “Nantes” and features an introspective Drake and Snoop’s singing daughter, Cori B. “No Guns” is produced by Major Lazer and pop savant Ariel Rechtshaid, and despite it’s subject is a pretty peaceful song to listen to on a Wednesday morning.

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  • RootBeerLover


  • notarealperson

    Beirut’s jam is the jam in this jam.

    • Kelly Lynch ♣JF

      Right?! OMG.

  • Steve

    I own all of Beirut’s other albums. That is some great music !

  • PlayDead

    Wow…could a bigger shit be taken on Beirut’s music?

    • Metzae

      Of course it could. Don’t be such a dick. This is quality music because it sits on the shoulders of giants. I’ll never understand why hipsters think they’re so cool.

  • Joz

    yay! Beirut!

  • Al Simons

    great, now everyone is going to pretend they are beirut fans, it is the sia bandwagon all over again.

  • anthony

    This sounds more like a demo. Not feeling the new snoop, WACK.

  • whatshesaid

    The only good thing about this song is that it will give Beirut more exposure….Other than the ‘Nantes’ keys, this song sounds like EVERY other hip hop song: cut and pasted crizzap.

    • Metzae

      And your response sounds like every other hater comment.

  • Leya

    Beirut (one of my most fave bands ever)!!!! But also shout out to GORILLAZ! “Clint Eastwood” up in here!

  • Metzae

    Stop hating on people for using obviously-brilliant hooks to enhance their music. Don’t forget that Beirut had to SELL the rights to their music for this to happen (ie., selling out). So, get off your black-rimmed-glasses-skinny-jeans-douchey-moustache high horse.

    • Stephenson024

      That’s true, the selling of the rights. A pretty bold statement to say they ‘enhanced’ their music though. You can NEVER enhance the original song especially if the standards were high to begin with. Just because you sample a song and throw lyrics that have nothing to do with the original song doesn’t make it ‘enhanced’. It’s an ok song, but it doesn’t enhance their music. To much is lost from the original for it to be enhanced. In this song, a lot of the small details that make Beirut, Beirut were completely lost, which is a little angering as you can see.

      • Metzae

        What I meant was that Beirut’s music enhanced Snoop Lion’s song.

  • Tribeless

    Reggae has had its day…in the 70′s. This is an insult to the musicianship of Beirut.

  • wow

    i adore beirut and this song does nantes justice and if i hear yall talk shit on this just cause its fucking hip hop/rap im gonna lose my mind… even if you dislike this song its payin huge respect to beirut and beirut’s music so suck it up

  • lolwuthigh

    its not that this is terrible and tarnishes beirut’s name or anything… its just that this is really not that great.