Cashius Green is an up-and-coming West Coast rapper who recently signed to Sylvia Rhone’s joint venture with Epic Records, Vested in Culture. He recently teamed up with Fat Trel for the remix to “Never Go Broke.” It is set to appear on his debut EP, Pisces, releasing on March 13.

"Police [are] pulling me and my folk over every first and last of the month to reach quota, resulting in [me] having to make that quick bread for a new whip. [That's] what inspired me to make this joint produced by my home-girl Yung Miss. Fat Trel and myself drank many bottles of Dirty Money (peach Ciroc, syrup, [and] Molly) to the original song that finales out my 'Sunny Side Up' mixtape. Who better to get a verse for the remix?"

[via Billboard]