Watch Drake’s New Video for “Started From The Bottom”

After winning the category for Best Rap Album for Take Care at the 55th Grammy Awards, Drake releases the highly anticipated visuals for “Started From The Bottom.” The video was shot in Toronto and features the OVO leader as a sales clerk in a pharmacy. Over the course of the clip, we find out how Drizzy moves up to the top. Director X and Drake himself behind the direction.

Watch it above.

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  • chris

    that’s a cool shirt though

  • Barron Roth

    His best video by far. Really starting to love this single.

  • luis

    i honestly love drake, hes that niggga

  • Mikey F Baby

    What’s with all the dancing, geez

  • Camille P

    Shoppers is not a supermarket, it is a pharmacy fact check before you publicize please.


    Get ouuta here with this BUllSHIT>. Started from DEGRASSI, NOW HE’S HERE. HIP HOP WAS MURDERED @THEGRAMMYS.

  • Chris Kendall

    he was waiting for all these fools to hop online and say “you aint hard nigga” and then he drops this. Classic.


    Wait. Come again? Drake won Best Rap Album at the 2013 Grammys?! Drake is rap?! HAHA!! LMAO’s LOLOLOLOL’s Holy sh*t my depression is gone! Thank you Canada! No more meds for me -whew!

  • jason seather

    faggot. fake as fuck. he never was at the bottom. degrassi gave him beverything. hes a fake ass punk and he cant even rap, he justs repeats everything he says. fuckin fake ass punk

  • tman

    if you are a dummy , or grown up rich from mommy and daddy and don’t know the value of money and don’t know real artistic music, then yes this video should appeal to you. plus the grammies don’t mean shit. obviously there being bought

  • tman

    he is an insult to the real artist out there, and an insult to people who REALLY struggled to make it. Money and Fame does not equal talent, or being artistic. Everyone please remember that.

  • tman

    his talent is only in the way he manipulates and deceives the dumb fucks who buy into the glamour and glitz bullshit. And that’s 90 percent of our society nowadays, that’s why he is making all that money.but talented for his music ? no fucking way

  • Uno4245

    Per usual, Drake destroyed it. Aside maybe KL, hes one of the few experimenting with new flows/styles/content rather than giving the same tired typical 16 bars ala Action Bronson, Pusha T etc. Haters gonna hate and say he aint lyrical but everyone who knows Drake’s history, knows he’s a monster on the mic whenever he wants to be “typical”. All the hate is really because he looks soft like that hi-yellow “soul-glo” guy in Coming to America – thats it. But more hilarious is how the comments here still hang on the same myth that Drake breaks down in the song…growing up between Weston rd. and in a duplex (half-house) in Forest Hill with a school-teacher mom aint wealthy in Toronto – no way…and making some dough off being a side-kick character in a second-rate Canadian TV show aint rich either….Toronto aint hollywood. Canadian TV aint paying kids salaries to become some baller by any means..But haterz gonna hate.. the traditional purists had the same hatred towards NWA, De La Soul, Biggie, Jay-Z, Southern hip-hop…Now Drake. Like the others, his legacy should survive this…