Juicy J ft. The Weeknd “One of Those Nights”


Juicy J released his often talked about collaboration with The Weeknd tonight. “One Those Nights” features XO taking over the majority of the track. Juicy comes in at the end, spitting a few bars about drinking a little too much and taking home your girl. Expect this joint to turn up the clubs soon. Stay Trippy is set to release sometime this year.

  • Crossword

    Is this a new trend with The Weeknd stealing every song he’s featured on? Not a bad thing.

    • coffee…black.

      Not a bad thing at all. I never listened to Wiz Khalifa before ‘Remember You’

      • Weeknd

        Good shit.

    • bumhole

      shes a good singer aye

      • Brandon Edward IV

        LMMFAO@ “she”

  • http://twitter.com/RichDomForever Dominic #Vilmain ™

    why did juicy even come in on this..

  • J L

    Gawh this is tooo similar to “Remember Me” Weeknd Kills the SONG than the scrub I mean “rapper” tries to ruin the song. SMH. But big ups to Weeknd for killin the Features!

  • Ant

    Who illustrated cover art? I rarely notice illustrator/designer/photographer credits on project visuals, especially online-only releases.