Doley Bernays, a budding Bronx rapper who weaves vivid street tales, wants to prove that New York rap doesn’t need to look outside of its inner workings. The 21-year-old released his latest mixtape last March, Wrong Turn Into Yesterday, which aligns him with rappers Denzil Porter, Euro League and more. That tape displayed his potential in pushing forward a new energy in New York's rap underground.

“Bad Guy” illustrates his determination in staying true to the worldview around him. We get a sense of where he is from with rhymes that touch on drug use, haters and survival. MP Williams and TDE/Digiphonics producer Willie B offer a straight granite beat and piano loops that's reminiscent of early boom-bap.

"In a time everybody is trying to be different, I just wanna be me and represent my neighborhood while still pushing the bar musically,” says Doley.

Check out “Bad Guy” below and be on the lookout for his Just in Case EP releasing soon.