dead prez “No Way As The Way” [Video]

Dead prez captured fans with their monumental single “Hip-Hop” that landed on their debut album, Let’s Get Free. They continue to drop knowledge with their stance against politics and racisms, as well as preached healthy eating habits. Now, M1 and bring us the official visual for “No Way As The Way” off their current album, Information Age.

The video, directed by Danny Hastings, shows dead prez involved in various religious practices. For more details about the track, here’s what had to say:

“The song ‘No Way As The Way,’ that title comes from my martial arts practices. Jeet Kune Do is one of the arts that I’ve had the chance to practice. Jeet Kune Do was created by Bruce Lee. It’s an approach to martial arts that says that having no way as the way, is the way. To make it simple: not being locked into any particular way as the only way to get something done, in terms of your fighting.

That spills over into the philosophy of life in terms of having no set way, no rigid position that you’re trying to hold, but being adaptable and fluid and flowing. Long story short, that martial arts practice has inspired my thinking a lot. When we decided to write a song on Information Age about spirituality and religion, it was so fitting.”

[via Complex]

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  • World B. Free

    This represents the thoughts of a person with a limited understanding and commitment to seek Biblical knowledge. Why follow the creation, when you can put your faith in the creator. Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, Gabriel Prosser were all Christian men of faith, any real understanding of the Bible will lead you to discover that Christianity is considered A Traditional African Religion. Dead Prez is misleading you!

    • hatestupidpeople

      you sound pretty limited and dumb.

  • Unity

    I think anyone disputing the orgins of christianity. The point is that when you study religion from a holistic perspective, you understand that there are more knowledge out there for one’s spiritual development. Anyone who has any genuine experience with meditation, qi-gong, yoga, oracles, etc. knows that they are great tools to aid spiritual upliftment. Although these things are subliminally mentioned in the bible it is not by any means emphasized enough to be considered apart of the practice. There are wonderful teachings in the bible, but there are more effective ways to grow spiritually. Dead Prez isn’t misleading there just telling people to seek all knowledge and apply and judge for oneself. Remember man kind evolved without books, so its important not to get to caught up on who said what in what text. The practice and application is the key. And as far as the people you just named, None of them had a choice of religion. We wasn’t allowed to practice our traditonal forms of spirituality back then. Now in Haiti, the only colony to rebel and over throw, was able to practice there african spirituality, Even Toussaint practiced traditional african spirituality in private. They were performing rituals before the rebellion.