Joey Bada$$ “Dont Quit Your Day Job” (Lil B Diss)


“I’m actually offended that this n***a didn’t go harder.” Joey changes his mind and decides to go at Lil B in “Don’t Quit Ya Day Job.” Lee Bannon puts together a West Coast beat that samples Janet Jackson’s “That’s the Way Love Goes” for his response. There’s a couple of nice punchlines here and choice shout-outs to Bay Area legends like Del The Funky Homosapien and Hieroglyphics. Do you think Joey ethered the Based God? Let us know in the comments below.

Previously: Lil B Disses Joey Bada$$ on New “Pink Flame” Track

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  • @KuulB

    I’m surprised Joey didn’t go harder either. Not ether.

  • @KuulB

    His flow is Nas-like though, Better diss thann Lil B’s though.

  • just sayin

    Based God won for getting a response

    • disqus_xx7iCwQn0k

      You’re an idiot…just sayin’

      • Fuck your bitch swag

        Says the guy that doesn’t know Lil B’s marketing strategy. He wanted hype for his upcoming album and he got it, if Joey had just let it be then this would never have blown up and his hype level wouldn’t be as high. Lil B doesn’t give a fuck if he was outdone lyrically or not, he know’s he’s about to sell some albums regardless and get a bigger fan base.

        • Fuck Lil B

          LiL B doesnt have a marketing strategy. He’s a fuckin clown who is trolling the music industry with his hilarious music. “thank you for being nice to me” ~ Lil B.

          That nigga full retard.

          • You are a cock snuggler

            Oh you’re right, except that he just announced Pink Flame is coming out any day now. Man what an idiot to stir up some hype before his mix tape.

    • The Janitor

      if a response was the the signal of a win, then let me tell you joey won because lil b responded to joey. hahah thanks.


        He def didn’t. Joey was talkin shit on twitter. Thats why in the beginning joey says “I’m actually offended that this n***a didn’t go harder.”

  • task force

    this was honestly bad, like i’m aware that joey is a good rapper but this wasn’t good by means

  • r1zz0100


  • keev

    based god did based god’s thing. most ppl would expect more out of joey badass but he honestly bored the shit outta me with this shit. just as a side note; no 1 has ever bested lil b in a beef in terms of diss tracks (perfect example– david banners lame ass swag song)

  • waytoofresh

    LOL at “funky West Coast beat,” this is a loop of Janet Jackson “That’s The Way Love Goes.” Dope sample though.

    • Jake Lawrence

      yea i was amazed that a writer for xxl could be so ignorant lol im 21 and i know that beat

      • e

        Ha. My bad

  • MeanKitty813

    He should have just ignored that irrelevant played out troll

  • East coast Ny brooklyn crook

    east coast stand up all these lil b fans are retarted thier all 12 year old white kids from the burbs or thier fucking girls that are fineing for cock joey badass is real basedgod rip

  • LOL

    funky westcoast beat? that was “thats the way love goes” by JANET JACKSON.

    And naa he didnt best lil b yall niggas can talk shit all day the fact is. when lil b feels like spittin hard he does! i could list tracks but theres no point in wasting my time on all you knuckleheads

  • ✞ Kv$h…

    R.i.p. Lil Fagg Ass Nigga – BadA$$

  • Dubbs loc

    Nigga said lil b won…. smh yal niggas retarted and gay just like that nigga if u think he nicekill urself and not just cause im from brooklyn i kno good music and lil b aint good music….