Ab-Soul and singer/producer JMSN released a cult favorite last summer called “Nibiru.” This marked the first signs of the pair working on new collaboration project titled Unit 6. Last night, the first single “You’re Gone” dropped on iTunes at midnight. It features a bouncy production with lyrics about liking different types of girls. Listen to that below.

Potholes also caught up with JMSN a few weeks back. They chopped it up about meeting Ab, the musical direction of Unit 6, and more. Read an excerpt and head over here to check it out.

Yea I had met Ab first and a couple others. I started workin on the Kendrick stuff and the Ab stuff kinda at the same time really. Ab and I did one song and it came so easy we started fuckin’ with some more shit. We were making at least two tracks a session. So we just went with it. Unit 6 took form.

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