Jesse Abraham “You’re Not A Ghost Anymore” [Video]

With his upcoming album I Am Water expecting to drop on January 29th, the New York MC unveils the visual for “You’re Not a Ghost Anymore.” The Paul White-produced song itself leaves a weird, monotonous, drugged-out aftertaste. For what particular reason? It boggles XXL, and it’ll probably does the same for you. It is, however, a well-made video, and while the song’s far from infectious, it serves a point: that it’s different. Maybe this recap is being written by someone who’s too sober. See for yourself, and if you like it download it here, weirdo.

By the way, all proceeds from this album goes to Charity Water, a non-profit, which helps bring clean water to developing countries worldwide. And what does your favorite rapper do for the community?

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  • WamBamPam


  • lizalice

    “You’re Not a Ghost” is an amazing and incredibly wonderful video ! Jesse Abraham is the best—he is the rapper of today –cheers to him!!

  • LG

    dope video

  • Dart

    Ricky Shabazz does it again! He and Jabra make a dope duo.

  • marcusial

    This song SPEAKS to me. Playing on repeat.

  • tandyO

    jesse a is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • fingers

    thumbs in the air!

  • Albert Rhymestein

    Incredibly dope visuals to complement a refreshingly interesting track! I’ve already peeped this video a dozen times and caught something new every time…definitely digging the new direction JA is taking.

  • Jamba203

    BONGBONG! 5strz

  • emelar

    Way to be different and talented that Jesse Abraham. Cooked all the way through and intriguing.

  • gOTownGirl9457

    Haunting & Contagious, I bleeping LUV this video!! JA is amazing!!!

  • Obi

    Ha I like this shit. It seems Jesse Abraham is always seeking to promote the standout tracks from the rest…

  • Naomi

    almost too-sweet lyrics balanced by edgy music. have to listen again. get all the worlds. interesting production. I liked it.