The Come Up: Alex Wiley


On Getting Into Rap:

Alex Wiley: My little bro Kembe X was rapping, and we would go to the studio with him. He had these, not serious raps, but some straightforward rap music that he would record, and for the rest of the sessions while we were waiting for his mom to come pick us up—this was in a suburb really far from where we lived—we would make these joke songs. We made this song called “No Fat Chicks” that was about this girl who made a whole mixtape about us. It was real rap beef man, I was 17 [Laughs]. So we put out this song on the way home, and by the time we got home it was all over Twitter and Facebook, it was everywhere. For me, it was so fun making it, and I had already dropped out of high school, so I was like, I might just start rapping and see what’s up with that.

It started off, I was just making songs. Once I had a few that I liked it was like, okay, this is the foundation of a mixtape. It was just changing and changing and changing—the only song from the original version is “Spaceships II,” that one I made in 2011.

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  • big fan of alex and mike

    monster mike had the best song on alex wileys cd. XXL needs to put monster mike on their front page and push that nigga. he too raw