The Come Up: Scotty ATL

On The Making Of F.A.I.T.H.

Scotty ATL: “That was the first project I really put money into. I was like, ‘Okay, if imma do this, imma do it forreal.’ So I put money into the production and studio time and the artwork and just everything, all type of shit and I was like, ‘If this don’t happen I’m done, I’m out.’ And we did and the shit did good.

“I had already been making this certain type of music since I was little, just like player music, but when I got with Burn One I allowed him to produce me, and that was my first time actually being produced like that, where I would take the advice from him or you can write this verse better or just let him make the beat and then I kinda form the song around what they was making. It was an interesting process, even just being in the studio. We would go to Burn One’s studio or his house and do like four songs in a day, one time five. And while they was making the beats, I’ll be writing the rap and by the time they finished the beat and I was done with the rap and we would just record like we was making the songs together. That was kinda the intention cause it was like I had never seen that until then. It was like people e-mail you tracks, you get in the studio, you write it on your own, whatever you come up with that’s it. So having somebody who had an ear and had experience; he already worked with Yelawolf, Rittz and Freddie Gibbs. So Burn One got a good ear for new artists.

“When we got in the studio, it was chemistry. He has a production team called 5PMG, so he got his guitarist Ricky Fontaine, he got Walt Live on the keys, he got the professor, he plays the bass guitar, then he does his thing so like again—first time seeing this—we in the studio and everybody’s playing their instruments live and taking turns and I’m like, “yo this is crazy.” And it was just a cool ass vibe. So I hit him up like a week later and was like, “yo, bruh, I think we need to do a whole tape together.” And he was like, “man I was thinking the same thing,” and then we just put it together man.”

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  • Jalen94

    Scotty is nice i been following him since cooler than a polar bear’s toenails

  • LEEZY!!!!!

    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • peezy404gr

    his summer dreams tape he did with dj burn one is nice too, he’s one of the real atown artist i like.