The Come Up: Scotty ATL


On Quitting Basketball And Getting Into Rapping:

Scotty ATL: “I grew up in a single parent home, Dad live in Arkansas. I was raised in Atlanta. I had ambitions at first of playing, being a basketball star. And played ball throughout high school. And just really got caught up in the streets after school or whatever. Then I went to college and from there it was kinda downhill. The basketball dreams kinda falled through. Went to school, played for one year, really like half a semester. Quit the basketball team. We was like zero and twenty-eight like the first half of the season. And quit that.

In high school I was good, like winning championships and all kind of stuff. And then when I went to college, we was terrible, Savannah State. Yeah so, stopped playing ball [and] got caught in the streets. I got a little small record deal at the time and so I was just rapping, doing beats, rapping, doing all of that. When I just got too far involved in that shit it was like I just stopped everything all together when my homeboy kinda introduced me to the idea of the street life is holding you back from reaching your dreams. And so I just [ended] everything cold turkey.

I kind of just had to get myself together as a person. Kinda get away from some of the crowd that I was already hanging with and shit like that. And then I picked back up rapping like 3 or 4 years ago. So me and Burn One dropped Summer Dreams in 2011. It did real good. It was like top 50 mixtapes of the year in Spin. And that was like my last straw at the time, like when I came back I was making mixtapes but it really weren’t going nowhere. So I was doing jacking for beats and shit like that and Burn One heard the song I did with Bobby Creekwater, reached out and we had met each other previously at a studio in Atlanta. So we got together, did one track, boom from there the whole Summer Dreams project came. And then after that, did the one with DJ Scream, The Jiffy Cornbread Experience, and now this one F.A.I.T.H (Forever Atlanta in the Heart).

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  • Jalen94

    Scotty is nice i been following him since cooler than a polar bear’s toenails

  • LEEZY!!!!!

    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • peezy404gr

    his summer dreams tape he did with dj burn one is nice too, he’s one of the real atown artist i like.