The Come Up: SL Jones


On Inspiration Behind Trapper’s Delight:

SL Jones: “I had caught a case last summer, so I was going through everything that comes with that. I really didn’t know what the situation was going to look like. Just being 100, snitching ain’t really no option for me, so whatever happened was gonna happen. So I just started trying to get in and do as much music as possible, just to prepare for whatever. You know how you’re in court and you’re having your hearings and all of that? Things just started looking brighter. So there came a time where they had me on probation for over a year. So you just get to the point where you don’t even care, you’re just like, ‘Man—I just want this shit to be over.’

“I recorded it in a weird place—just some bittersweet shit. It got to a point where it seemed like I wasn’t going to end up behind bars, but I know something was going to happen. So it was like, ‘I have to do this one for my dogs.’ I’ve got homeys that weren’t that fortunate in their shit. They’re still fighting, appealing, or they’re under indictment and they can’t even fight it from the outside. It’s hard to fight a fed case on the inside. And then they freeze all your bread, so you could be rich but you can’t do nothing. You can’t pay a lawyer with the money you had because they took that. You know you’ve got money buried in a hole somewhere, but you can’t tell nobody on the phone, ‘Hey, go get that for me and get my lawyer right,’ you know what I’m saying? So you can’t lawyer up, you can’t do nothing, so that’s really what this album was. It’s like, a lot of times, when I talk about certain shit I talk about it in code, and that’s just on some G shit. I don’t just be like, ‘Aw, yeah—I was doing this, I was doing that.’ But this one, I just had to do it for my dogs. I mean God forbid, I got homeys that might not come home again. So it was like, ‘Let me just do this for them,’ and that’s where the title came from Trapper’s Delight. It just gets to the point where you don’t have any choice and you’ve gotta just put it out there and say how you feel. There are so many homeys that I had that wanted to see me win. I never had the option to have both feet out. One foot in was mandatory for me. I don’t owe no rap niggas—I owe street niggas. They were the ones that said, ‘Go get it.’ So, that Trapper’s Delight is where you take everything that comes with it.”

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