The Come Up: Dyme-A-Duzin

On the video for “Swank Sinatra”:

The whole point of my style is to throw it back to when I was back in [Edward R.] Murrow [High School]; my beginning days of how I would dress. It’s an old school video. It was like, “We’re back here. Let’s do what we used to do on a larger scale.” I felt like that video made us look like or will make us icons of that area because it’s Murrow. That video is forever. We all went to Murrow together so we were rapping in the school. We were ciphering every other day. Me and [Capital] STEEZ were really like the closest ones. My whole second mixtape was made from bouncing ideas off with STEEZ. Seeing him every day and learning from him and getting into his mind when it came to metaphors and the art of rap. He first started off spitting me his first raps. I wanted to take the people to where I was a few years ago. To paint it. That part of the portrait, that ciphering every day. That vibing, just us spitting.

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