Sam Adams – The Come Up

“Just Sayin’”

On why he started rapping: I’ve been rapping since I was a tiny little dude, you know like nine, ten years old. It was just the neighborhood we grew up in, it was a pretty diverse area. We were always just freestyling and shit fucking around.

On his eclectic influences: Hip-hop wise, I remember probably the first shit I bumped was Clockwork and old Mr. Lif vinyl that my brother used to bring home. Company Flow, too. And then I started fucking with a bunch of other shit. I was in love with Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt. I was a big Big L fan. Before that, I was listening to Grateful Dead, The Band, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin—just because my parents would always have that shit on blast. And then when rap started getting more commercial, I listened to Mase and obviously Puffy, all the popular trends. My musical lens had a vast majority.

On who he’d like to work with:
So many people. We want to work with some big electronic dudes—I take their production very seriously. Among artists, Kanye, Cudi—their outlook on music is pretty dope. I had the pleasure of meeting both of them the other day and listening to all of Ye’s new shit with Hov. It was fucking crazy. Also, Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars; maybe Travis Barker. In terms of singers, I’d like to get Lady Gaga on a hook.

On his non-traditional hip-hop sound: I went to a DJ show [and] I thought electronic music was fucking G. Ever since, I’ve been obsessed. Like an ill scientist I’ve been trying to fuse ill electronic [beats] into hip-hop beats. [It helps] to just make our shit hit harder at our shows.

I think dubstep is going to big. I think there’s probably an avenue for it. The overall thing is just to make good popular music.

On his goals:
To sort of just be comfortably consistent with the music, not only for the fans, but for myself. Just keep coming out with stuff that is consistent or better than the stuff before. To do well and have a great turnout on the album, possibly win some shit—who knows? A lot of opportunities have the chance to present themselves at this point, and we’re all just really excited to record the album and do shit again.

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  • fazetwo

    Yet again XXL has failed again. Why are you promoting pop music and not hip hop let alone even rap music? Two, Sam Adams doesn’t use any key Dubstep sounds so he is just some hip pop. Get outta here XXL!

  • Frankie2Fast

    Gotta Agree with fazetwo….this kid is not using dub step at all and he is definitely pop. Everyone in his audience was little girls cuz they think he’s hot or something. Anyway, if you want to hear some good white Rap why not Check out Yelawolf. And that new SLAUGHTERHOUSE needs more spins. That shit is tight and they will only get better……..

    Sam Adams = mediocre beer and even worse wanna be hip-pop stars……….



    • Shneeebs

      You sir, do not know anything.

      His audience is geared toward college kids, seeing as that he blew up when he was a senior in college – and started performing solely on college campuses. His lyrics make sense, and weave a story that for once, isn’t about being ghetto or killing people.

      He originally stuck with the name Wiz/Wizzy until Wiz Khalifa became huge, and then he went with Sam Adams, since he is a descendant of Sam Adams and is from the Boston area.

      Maybe I would have thought you knew something if you said check out Mac Miller or Chris Webby.. but Slaughterhouse? ..

      ha.. nice jokes..

      • Mr.BFH

        Mac Miller is better than Slaughter House?!?!?!?!?! Get the F*&% outta here… You dont deserve ear drums with shit like that

  • ……..

    uh if you’ve heard his last mixtape Party Records you would definitely know that he uses dubstep

    • mike

      party records was fresh, stupid wookid over everything was annoying though.. but he has definitely turned to dubstep rap. he even says “this has not been done yet.” Listen to some music before you speak

  • Derek

    haha look at all of these kids with their ridiculous names, trying a little too hard to be cool. …… is right, check out Party Records haha. real original with the beer reference…and Sam Adams is a Brew company ya dumb f***, not a beer. If you were actually 21, i’m sure you could find one they brew that you like…if not, grow a pair and join the ranks of men.

  • Ryan Yelland

    yeah you guys are retarded, party records is ALL dub-rap. stop hating’ on sam cuz he’ll amount to more then any of you

  • Marlee

    haha you cant really base knowing his sound off that one video….and yea if you’ve actually listened to any of his other shit on his last mixtape he uses electronic beats and dubstep produced by really well known producers and djs…

  • tylr66

    this dude trys way too much to act hard

  • Matt

    I like Sam a lot, but having said that…Party Records fucking sucked. He got too far away from what hes god at, and tried to jump into the whole dub-rap thing too hard. His new songs hes come out with are dope though, coming home and letter to the lost are both legit.

  • Professional Playa Hata

    dude is garbage

  • grizzwald

    Wow people’s ignorance blows my mind. They hear one song and they automatically assume thats exactly what the artist is. Hmmm not dubstep rap? like it has been said before party records was all dubstep rap. Obviously you wouldn’t know and clearly don’t know about this kid so don’t talk before you write shit. Ha just like people said about asher ohh he’s just a party college kid. i laugh at you people because you haven’t heard all of their music

  • ToMeK

    The Ricky Martin of wanna be teen pop rap…

  • Spacely

    he is laaaaaammmmeee thats pretty much it, he appeals to some white kids but i dont think he will ever get respect from black people, which could cause problems since he’s tryna rap. he puts on to the point that i actually feel kinda disrespected, there are other white boys in rap that can get support, like mac miller and a few others.

  • TheR

    Nah its cool everybody, XXL got paid to do this spot it’s not like we’re donating to read this website. Somebody’s got to pay the bills. Props to Sam Adams.

    True, his music does suck.

  • E

    fuck outta here!!! is this a joke?

  • dAVE


  • teachmehow2sammy


  • JustTom

    For some real dubrap, listen to supergingers remix of Party and Bullshit.

  • Jay

    first off you cant compare mac miller or chirs webby or even sam adams to sluahgterhouse cause all these dudes are in completely different lanes. they all do their own thing and tell their own story. just because theyre all white doesnt mean shit. stop hating on someone whos been successful doin their own thing and just respect the fact that they are. if you dont like the music, dont listen to it and voice your opions somewhere else.

  • Jeffrey Gonsalves

    Curren$y ft. Sam Adams – Jets Over Boston…. Tell me he can rap