Busta Rhymes’ The Conglomerate is steadily rising as hip-hop’s next clique. After Busta’s run with Flipmode Squad, the veteran MC formed The Conglomerate in 2011 with a new set of talent to put on. Besides longtime member J-Doe and buzzing singer Nikki Grier, Long Beach’s own OT Genasis has seen a sudden rise of his profile after delivering the street-ready anthem “Coco” earlier this month. “I think people are starting to get to know me now, and it’s a blessing,” says OT Genasis.

For a quick crash course: Genasis raps about his love for that white like his life depended on it. “Baking soda! I got baking soda!” he shouts, backed by a minimal, menacing beat. In other parts, Genasis manages to spit a string of rhymes ("Hit my plug, that's my cholo / 'Cause he got it for the low low / If you snitchin' I go loco / Hit you with that trienta ocho") with a stop-and-go flow that's infectious. It’s literally crack music.

“CoCo” isn’t the only time OT Genasis got the streets on lock. In June of 2013, the 23-year-old MC dropped “Touchdown,” which was another high-energy song that took over clubs all across the country. As it continued to garner buzz, Genasis got French Montana and Busta Rhymes on the remix to help its staying power. At the same time, he was Busta’s righthand on numerous remixes and freestyles, playing a notable role in The Conglomerate's Catastrophic mixtapes. Now, with “CoCo” separating himself as a reliable weapon in Busta’s arsenal, he’s focused on growing into rap’s next star.

In The Come Up, OT Genasis speaks on the moment he took rap seriously, his former affiliation with G-Unit, why he signed with The Conglomerate, his forthcoming mixtape Alarm, and more. “I want to be above the Jays and the Diddys,” he says. “I want to be above that level. I know what I have to do. Something that I have in mind, something that I won’t sit here and explain because I have a strategic plan. But, in order to get there, I gotta put this work in first. I’d definitely get there.”—Eric Diep