The Come Up: Skeme


On Growing Up In Inglewood, Cali.:

Skeme: Inglewood is my home. It’s hard to explain. The ghetto is the ghetto. No matter where you are at. I think ours is a little bit nicer than most people. On the surface of it, it looks great. You know what I am saying? But a lot of shit happens. I think that’s really just the gist of it. I don’t really like to delve into [it] crazy. Change your heart up as far as having things go down. It kind of changed your outlook on shit, but I think it really ain’t slated for you to win coming out of where we come from. That shit is humbling to know that to be put in a position where I might be able to win something. That shit is dope. That shit is the most changing factor growing up where I come from. It’s not that this shit is promised. Nothing is really promised. Niggas not make it to be 23.

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