The Come Up: Vic Mensa

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On Graffiti:

Vic Mensa: That was part of my childhood, for real. The first time a girl was trying to fuck me I was at the [Hyde Park graffiti] wall, I definitely got like arrested over by the wall before, ran from the cops. Did my first piece over at the wall. Found out about J Dilla at the wall.

This is one of Kram’s pieces. That’s a kid I know in the neighborhood, ridiculously smart, very troubled. You know, he just had a lot of problems with drugs, and with jail.

And then there was JAM Crew, which was a crew I was a part of when I was on graffiti. Those were all my big brothers in JAM Crew, all my Hyde Park people.

This is a KTD tag from back when Kids These Days was around. That’s some shit I wrote on a long time ago. “Save Money KTD.” And DARE, rest in peace, that’s the guy that “Holy Holy” is dedicated to. Rest in peace Killer Cam.