Live performances in hip-hop are a shaky subject to discuss, often resulting in conflicting opinions of what a “good” show actually consisted of. Where one rapper will orchestrate an entire production with their live shows—making them as cinematic as possible—another artist will stand on stage with a mic yelling, with their hype men friends yelling as well. Truth be told, Eminem stands in the middle of those two worlds.

An adept lyricist, Eminem tends to ensure that every word is heard and felt when he spits them live. Other times he aims to shock, by way of a million clones or surprising collaborations. Much like the nature of his music, you never really know what will happen when Em steps on a stage. We’ve compiled 15 of Eminem’s best performances. From professional concert cameras to carefully shot award show performances, here are some live vids that prove Marshall Mathers is the quintessential showman. --KI