15 Rap Songs That Sample Led Zeppelin

“Kim” Eminem
Sample: “When The Levee Breaks”
Eminem’s track about killing the mother of his child was quite the shocking masterpiece. However, the beat wouldn’t have been nearly as terrifying had there not been that sample from John Bonham’s drum kit off this Led Zepp classic track.

“Doctor’s Advocate” Game
Sample: “Stairway To Heaven”
If you’ve seen the film Wayne’s World, you’ll recall the scene where Wayne is about to play the opening guitar riff from “Stairway To Heaven” at the record store but was “denied.” Well, Game sampled that on his ode to Dr. Dre.

“Come With Me” Diddy Featuring Jimmy Page
Sample: “Kashmir”
Remember those 20 minutes when Diddy was all into rock (he had that weird Mohawk) and did the Godzilla soundtrack? Well, he sampled the threatening backdrop from Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” on “Come With Me” and even had Jimmy Page help him out.

“Voltage” B.o.B. Featuring Playboy Tre & Mickey Factz
Sample: “Trampled Under Foot”
Hear those zippy guitar licks on Led Zeppelin’s “Trampled Under Foot” that sounded like a hi-voltage hoedown? Well naturally, B.o.B. grabbed them for “Voltage.” The track becomes a perfect blend of rock and rap thanks to the classic sample.

“Life’s So Hard” 2Pac
Sample: “Ten Years Gone”
In one of Pac’s many posthumous releases, we get “Ten Years Gone” which has the eery “Murder murder murder, kill kill kill” being chanted throughout. That creepy set of guitar strings in the background? Well, that’s the Led Zeppelin track “Life’s So Hard.”

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