The Come Up: Isaiah Rashad

On Signing To TDE:

Isaiah Rashad: I met [Dave Free, President of TDE] in March through one of my friends. I met him through an A&R who I was speaking to that was helping me out with some beats on the project I was working on before I came out here. I had been asked by a couple of labels. A couple of people tried to talk to me. I don’t know what happened. It seemed like in December a wave of a whole bunch of people started contacting me from different parts of the country. I wasn’t feeling them.

The only ones that I was feeling were these guys. I was feeling them because I met Dave on the fly. I met him on the random. He didn’t know who I was. I think he just heard my music. And I didn’t know who he was. We just chopped it up like real dudes over food. That was it. I didn’t see him after that. It was real casual.

I was in L.A. for a couple of days. On the last day before I left, I saw him. I didn’t see him again for like another three weeks. The next time I saw him he had called me. He had called me when I got there. He called me the next weekend. He asked me how I felt about TDE and everything. The rest is really history.

I don’t really have a straight answer for why [me being signed] was under wraps for so long. It just made sense. Just because I got signed doesn’t mean we have to put it out today. It wasn’t really anybody’s business to do it. We are trying to make the best product possible. The more people know, the more pressure it is. Even if it ain’t real pressure, it’s the more pressure to put on the staff and everybody and cater to the people. This is what we do. We’re artists. We do it for the people and we do it for people who enjoy music. You don’t want to let them down, but you don’t want them looking for some stuff for the longest and checking for some stuff. Basically, you want them to enjoy it. You want them to enjoy the experience of waiting for the project.

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  • Ron Mexico

    cop his mixtape WELCOME TO THE GAME off DATPIFF…guy is NICE

  • loyal_ethics

    DUDE dope AF got the mixtape and its FIRE all the way threw and it bumps in the WHIP