The Come Up: Kidd Kidd


On Coming Up From New Orleans:

Kidd Kidd: “Just growing up down there … I don’t want to say we got it harder than the next person cause [there’s] everybody in a situation way worse than you. I don’t want to play that much. Coming up in New Orleans, it’s real hard to get out of there because we are so far at the bottom. My whole thing is I am still out there, and that won’t never change.

“Every time I come out of town, go on tour, overseas, everywhere around the world. After that, I go right back to home. For real, I gotta be out there. It’s kind of a balance thing—just pulls me back. I can’t help it. It’s in my blood. I’m used to what I am used to. I’ve been shot six times. I’ve been through all kinds of stuff and I’m still there. Home is home.

“Some people not real until it’s over. You know, keep it real with their fam and their friends. Stuff like that. Some people just not respected. If you ask anybody in New Orleans about me, they gonna tell you. That allows me to be there and walk with my head up without worrying about the other stuff. I don’t gotta worry about people running up on me because they know me.

“I’m from downtown New Orleans, downtown out the 9th Ward. In New Orleans, we got wards. A lot of people that made it from New Orleans, they were from uptown. When I meet people from out of town, the first thing they ask me, ‘Yo, you are from Magnolia? You from the 3rd Ward?’ I go, ‘Nah, I am from downtown New Orleans.’”

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    Kidd Kidd about to blow

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    you guys are waaay late on this one