The Come Up: Detail


On Wanting To Be An Artist:

Detail: “I wanted to be an artist first. Every brother in the hood want to rap, but I can actually sing because I was in choir. I wanted to be an artist. My friend was so dope with the piano, like he taught me everything he knew. I just started learning piano. I couldn’t afford nobody to actually work on some stuff for me. Somebody in that area did music, you had to at least have $100 or $200 dollars to get some music. So, I just learned music myself so I could do stuff for myself. And then, it went from that to me producing tracks for dope boys in the hood just to get equipment. I might do a session with somebody for $200 or $300 and go get me some floppy drives or go get me a computer module, or a keyboard module. Or something like that. It just became a hustle. I would use the money that I made to invest in myself.

“It was so ironic that this is the business that I am in right now. I just realized a year ago that I am doing that same thing over and over. When Wayne got out of jail, he jumped on a song in February for me called “Tattoo Girl.” When he got out of jail, I just moved and got up. Flew out to Miami and paid for a hotel out of my own pocket for three months. I paid for The Hit Factory where he worked for three months. It wasn’t like Cash Money would pick it up. They didn’t know me. I was just like, ‘Ok, Wayne is working in this room. I am going to get this room and I am going to be here for three months and submit this nigga tracks.’ Cause I feel like if I continued this, he from what I saw, follows energy. He’ll know my passion is real. I don’t want nothing from him, trying to pay for my trips or none of that. I just want to submit him music. It was also a thank you for jumping on my record. That’s how we got “How To Love.” It was just dope. It worked. It’s been working and kept working.”