The Come Up: Deniro Farrar


On getting into rap:

Deniro Farrar: “Man, I was like freestyling. I’d get high and freestyle. I’d be at my older brother’s lil’ traphouses, I’d be in there rappin’. They’d be like “Man, shut the fuck up! Why you always rappin’?” [Laughs.]  It’s like Boyz N Da Hood, they was like “Why you always carry that basketball around?” and it’s a football. And he’s like “That’s what Imma do. Imma play football.” So I always rap and they’d be like, “Shut up man. Why you always rapping?” and I’d be like, “Cause I’m a rapper!” So I I always freestyle. I was younger at the time. I was probably like 16.

“I learned how to freestyle, I perfected freestyling before I even learned how to write music. I was like a dope freestyler. Dope! Like people would be like, “Yo you wrote that?” I’d be like “Nah, you know, freestyle,” so I was dope. And like I didn’t really become a rapper until 2011. I dropped my first mixtape in 2010, Feel This. It was like 31 tracks. I was just goin’ crazy man.”

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