The Come Up: Deniro Farrar


On his influences:

Deniro Farrar: “I was listening to Kriss Kross, I was the biggest Kriss Kross fan ever. I used to wear my shit backwards. My mother used to tell my teachers like, “Man, let me know if he wears his clothes backwards to school,” cause they was gonna whoop me and shit—well she was gonna whoop me, not them. Kriss Kross, man. ”Jump” was the first rap song I ever learned word for word and ever since then, it was just a part of me, I love that shit.

“My older brother, Mario, he was older, so he had the money to buy CDs, cause the internet wasn’t really poppin’ back then. Niggas weren’t downloading music, and it wasn’t really bootleg CDs like that, so he was actually going out and purchasing the albums, and I was just listening to everything. From Three 6 Mafia, Lauryn Hill, Luther Vandross, Tupac, Master P, everything. I was listening to Dead Prez, Goodie Mob’s Soul Food, Aquemini. I was just a young rap head; I liked all types of rap. I just started loving music, and I started listening to everything, like Kings of Leon, Adele, a lot of different kinds of music.”

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