The Come Up: Deniro Farrar

Deniro Farrar

On growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina:

Deniro Farrar: “It was good and bad. It had its ups and downs. I had six brothers and two sisters. We grew up in a small apartment in a poverty stricken area of the city. I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. Single mom. Dad got killed when I was really, really young. So, basically,[I] kinda [was] like every other ghetto kid growing up.

“I knew I was different from all the other kids. I was like really, really smart. Academically gifted. But back in elementary school, I always felt I had to be a certain type of way because of the environment I lived in, so I always got into fights. I never really liked to fight, but I would always fight cause I felt I had to. I was just always different from the other kids. I knew I was a good kid, but I always hung with bad kids in my neighborhood, the baddest kids. And they always thought I was bad, cause my family had a reputation in the neighborhood I grew up in. They was already running through the neighborhood before I came about. It was like, my family, that side of town was really, really known, so they just kind of associated me with being that type of kid, so I felt I had to be that kid, but I was really a good kid. It’s just that good kid, bad city syndrome.”

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