Toronto's spitta and producer Rich Kidd drops the video for his single "I'd Be Lying" which is the third offering from his latest mixtape In My Opinion. On this DJ Dahi produced record, We see Ruch taking a hard look into the mirror and sharing his inner thoughts with the world. He says:

"This song is about me coming to terms with shit in my life and being real with myself. I usually smile and brush shit off like nothing can dent my armour but in my head I have insecurities and doubts like the next man. The same way you got to live with regrets, you also have to live with the truth. It's inescapable. Many try and hide from their own truths because they fear failure, non-acceptance, or maybe it's a pride issue. Either way, this is me venting because I felt I needed to. I'd be lying if I said this wasn't one of my more personal songs but I'd be dying if I didn't share it with you."

You can watch the video above.