Chief Keef Drops “Go To Jail” & “I Aint Done Turnin Up”

Chief Keef drops two new tracks off his highly anticipated forthcoming mixtape Almighty So. Both songs use Auto-Tune, a continued pattern from the chi-town spitta. “Got To Jail” is more street record that ”I Aint Done Turnin Up” but don’t be surprise if both eventually end up on your favorite DJ’s playlist. Listen to both songs below.

Chief Keef “Go To Jail”

Chief Keef “I Aint Done Turnin Up”

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  • Aireona Sims

    OMG he needs to stop making music

    • Elimo Dwayne Ocran

      u’re soo fucking damn ryt

    • kafaun


  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Chief Keef ” I play into every black stereotype”

  • Elimo Dwayne Ocran

    funny songs…

  • mainecoon

    i thought xxl would have had better writers

  • Michael Chavis

    they have good writers but xxl bases the quality of their writings on the quality of the artist they are talking about :P

  • getyourshitright

    i dont know what the fuck he saying

  • Young EL.

    I think he has a speech impediment cuz I have no idea what he’s saying. This guy needs to reconsider his career

    • James Buford

      lol…listen turnup

    • FUCK 3Hunna

      I think he should go to a retart center so they could check his IQ cause mine is drastically dropping listing to this niggerish shit…

  • James Buford

    This is really on another level!! Don’t touch my pistol.

  • LongLIVETheOldies

    TF is diz hip hop gott too dumbed down…SMH what happen man I use to love H.E.R (Hip-Hop)

  • mxl

    if you actually listen to “go to jail” he explains why he raps. fuck a hater, this kid just tryna get out of tha streets & provide for his daughter like any father would.

  • tadoe off da molly

    lol nigga fell off, bruh

  • glory_game